22 people who saw something awesome and grabbed their camera

A beautiful photo sometimes comes from being lucky enough to capture a magical and unique moment. It means seizing the opportunity to aim your camera and capturing an unforgettable moment, one that may be a milestone in history.

We can cause our own luck, that's true. You just have to observe your environment, to capture the moment. That’s how the photos below, which are making their way around the internet, were created.

1. This is how fire hydrants look once they’re out of the ground:

© CCCRUNKc / reddit  

2. These aren’t geometric shapes made on a computer, they’re the legs of stacked chairs!

© Roushhouse / reddit 

3. “I took my kid to a strawberry farm... I think she liked it!”

© ToJoTingey / reddit  

4. The flames are burning inside the trunk, not the outside!

© Zusical / reddit  

5. Popcorn popped right on the cob

© Aubreylaw / reddit  

6. It's half squirrel and half cat

© noahsygg / reddit  

7. A car-carriage combo!

© bofadoze / reddit  

8. This guy became friends with a little falcon!

© AdolescentAlien / reddit  

9. A photo of the bottom of a rocket taking off

© johnkphotos / reddit  

10. Just before hitting the water…it looks like she’s doing a handstand on the water’s surface!

© tencents1010 / reddit  

11. My barber shop still uses its original cash register from 1904!

© baggedlunch / reddit  

12. This photo makes it look like the baby is a waterbender!

© KellJoy / reddit  

13. A circle of stones on top of a hill in Oban, Scotland

© Supercat50 / reddit 

14. When you experience 3 seasons at one time!

© goodluck_canuck / reddit  

15. It isn’t easy to know which finger to wear the ring on!

© Designer_Drugz / reddit  

16. The endangered Mexican Alligator Lizard

© DoubleDot7 / reddit  

17. Beekeepers in London built a honey pyramid to show off the different shades and varieties.

© darkdove93 / reddit  

18. “My Uber driver had a samurai sword handle for his stick shift.”

© KitsuneRisu / reddit  

19. A blue jay that still has some of its baby feathers

© CanadianGrown / reddit  

20. These blueberries are huge!

© ImObviouslyOblivious / reddit  

21. Where tectonic plates meet

© relics71s / reddit  

22. Where’s Waldo?

© Packyadacks / reddit