22 people who put their problem-solving skills to the test

We love good life hacks, but some people are best leaving problem-solving to others! From DIY fails to dangerous wiring, we wonder that no one in the following selection was hurt. That said, some of these ideas are nothing short of genius!

Here are 22 people who put their problem-solving skills to the test

1. When your 3 year-old daughter wants to reach the candy cupboard!

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2. Do not try this, even if it does create an electrical current

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3. Alternative clothes and sneaker dryer

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4. A cheap way to keep the upper floor nice and cool!

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5. How to warm up a cold toilet seat

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6. Avoid scraping the chairs

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7. Improvised beer holders!

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8. If you find yourself in a restroom where the cubicle lock doesn't work!

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9. Clothes' hangers have multiple uses

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10. How to keep your kids entertained during a long journey

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11. The art of neatly chopping asparagus

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12. Stop your PC from going into sleep mode by placing a watch under the mouse!

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13. An alternative night stand

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14. So simple and yet so clever!

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15. How to watch TV on your tablet without getting cramps!

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16. Use old toilet paper rolls to store documents or posters

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17. Bedroom air conditioning

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18. Another cool smartphone stand!

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19. Get into the Christmas spirit by using a laptop and TV to create a cozy fireplace

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20. An easy way to temporarily shorten trouser hems!

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21. Paperclips are great if you lose a button!

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22. We are so doing this from now on!

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