22 people who made their lifelong dream come true

Everyone has their own dreams and goals in life. So we should all work to make them come true. Life is too short to be oblivious and give up any desire to conquer your dreams – to see them happen.

Don’t dream your life, live your dreams. This is a well-known expression. It’s even a way of thinking that encourages everyone to set goals, to fulfill them and get closer to their dreams. The people below have made their biggest dream come true.

1. “I just married this amazing woman after years of depression and anxiety! I am the happiest man in the world!”

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2. This woman overcame her endometriosis pain and just walked 2.5 miles on the Great Wall of China.

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3. This woman enjoys her pizza after spending 4 years living on the street with a child, trying to find a place to live.

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4. Sometimes the dream is to get a coveted degree!

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5. The pride you feel when you buy your first house!

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6. This woman needed a dog to help her get out of depression, and she became the happiest person in the world!

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7. When you make your dream of skydiving come true!

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8. For unemployed people, finding a job is kind of a dream come true.

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9. “I am officially a dad for the first time, after years of going through the adoption process!”

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10. This couple finally gets to enjoy their own pool, after years of working to provide for their children.

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11. At age 19, Gabriel Nobre passed Brazil’s notoriously difficult university entrance exam, after taking free classes in exchange for cleaning the building for a test prep company!

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12. Nobody says that music pleases everyone, but it makes sense to be proud when you release an album!

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13. He got the Lego Hogwarts Castle for his 50th birthday!

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14. It doesn’t matter how long it took to run 4 miles. The happiness of doing it is enough!

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15. “Today, for the first time since the onset of my anorexia, someone told me that I looked healthy.”

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16. Nothing beats the thrill of getting first place!

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17. When you finally become a true citizen of your country!

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18. This woman lost a lot of weight and feels good for the first time in months.

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19. “My dad has gone 24 days without a drink!”

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20. When you finally get to photograph the last dish that will be included in your cookbook…

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21. Your first pet – that’s not something that happens every day.

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22. This 90-year-old man and his friend translated a 75-year old Armenian book into English.

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