22 people who have their own style

Sometimes you see people and you remember how they talk, how they act, and, best of all, how they dress. There are people who really stand out in our everyday lives. It may be your neighbor or just a random stranger you see in the supermarket.

Some people aren’t afraid to take a picture and capture that moment. This freezes the image in time for us all to see. Hopefully, you can appreciate the photos below. What would you have done if you had met these people?

1. Some plants look like people…and some people look like plants.

© think_not_think / Twitter  

2. When you really have nothing to wear to go out for a late-night snack...

© DV123 / Pikabu  

3. This man is a real fan of Pac Man!

© Ugin242 / Pikabu  

4. They dust the floor as she walks…

© iBorman / Pikabu  

5. An example of human slavery at a night market...

© FobatsJah / Pikabu  

6. We found Rapunzel on the subway.

© rroku / Pikabu  

7. He took a parachute as his carry-on...

© Hibbard456 / Reddit  

8. It's time to call an exorcist...

© pmegafon / vk.com  

9. What do you do when you see this at the airport? Take his weapon!

© chertekak / Pilabu  

10. During lunch break...

© Sexygreen / Pikabu  

11. Some people take a truck to work, others use their muscles.

© Boilon / Reddit  

12. Is this Darth Vader's wife next to me on the plane?

© bigbrainonb-rad / Reddit  

13. Looks like we’ve found ourselves in another time...

© canpod / Pikabu  

14. Dogs aren’t allowed, but what about owls?

© bitormarques / Reddit  

15. At least it helps keep others from invading your personal space…

© Ruti / Pikabu  

16. Other people don’t know, but you’re armed!

© ghosted_ / Reddit  

17. In Vietnam, some dogs travel like kings.

© dandy408 / Reddit  

18. Stylish and youthful

© Pupsoph / Pikabu  

19. When you did something and need to beg for forgiveness…

© UncleDots / Pikabu  

20. Before heading to the North Pole, I need to pick up a few things from the store!

© Georg77 / Pikabu  

21. When your cat finds the perfect hiding place

© tszdabee / Reddit  

22. Knitting isn’t just for old ladies

© heavyheart / Pikabu