22 people who didn't have the best start to their day

You may think the end of the world is nigh, but trust us when we say there's always someone out there having a far worse day than us! Life is full of glitches... things break, we make mistakes and sometimes we find ourselves at the mercy of someone else's dumb actions.

When disaster strikes, all we can do is try to clear up the mess or, in some cases, just let it slide and remind ourselves that tomorrow is another day! So, if you're feeling down on your luck, spare a thought for these guys...

1. When your roommate breaks the grater so you have to resort to a potato masher

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2. Never park a convertible with the roof down on a hot day

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3. Waking up as if nothing happened...

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4. Do not get these confused when making a morning coffee

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5. We wonder how long it took him to find his shirt...

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6. An annoying factory fail

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7. The tallest member of the family

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8. We all know that early morning feeling

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9. How do you like your bacon to be cooked? Crispy or cinder?

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10. Bye bye lunch

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11. And they'd just finished cleaning the pool...

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12. No, it's a spoon that you need!

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13. Enough to drive us crazy

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14. Reality vs a blog

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15. When you leave cereal out on a hot day, but only discover your mistake when it's too late

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16. No shower today...

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17. The joys of kids and Lego

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18. Imagine seeing this come out of your faucet!

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19. When you left your candy in the car...

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20. Stunning view!

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21. A hoarder's paradise

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22. At least it missed the keyboards!

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