22 people who didn't have the best of days

There are some days when we should have stayed in bed or at least confined ourselves to our homes. We get that feeling that something's not quite right, but brush it aside. Until that is, it all goes belly-up and we find ourselves with a problem that we just have to deal with.

Whether they are dangerous situations or minor glitches, they make our day go rapidly downhill. So, if you're feeling hard done by, just check out these photos - you're not alone!

1. When you buy yourself a new mug and this happens

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2. When a prank gets dirty...

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3. Be careful where you park

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4. So much for a large glass of lemon juice

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5. What to do next...

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6. "We have a slight problem..."

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7. To eat it or not to eat it?

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8. The perils of plastic handles

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9. Someone's going to be late for work...

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10. One mangled cell phone

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11. We can't figure out what this is...

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12. When a construction site becomes a muddy catastrophe

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13. It was the weather's fault

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14. When you realize you're spending the day stuck on a roof

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15. Shame there's no cereal to hand

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16. This construction company better have good insurance

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17. When a test drive goes wrong

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18. They day they moved office

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19. We feel her pain...

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20. Seriously?  They're still planning to set sail?

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21. A manufacturer who thinks of your waistline

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22. Who doesn't love waterfalls?

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