22 people who could find a solution to any crisis

What should you do about a problem? There are many solutions available to you. You can face it, work around it, solve it, or even leave it alone. What category do you fall under?

The people below are in the first category. Whatever problem they encounter, they choose to fight it. Sometimes the solutions aren’t obvious, and they have to use their ingenuity to find a solution. So, they come up with some creative ways to solve their problems.

1. When your heater breaks down, here’s one way to stay warm!

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2. Never throw away your corks!

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3. What a funny-looking triangle, but it works!

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4. When you snore and don’t want to bother other people

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5. Is the screen broken? No, it still works, you just have to turn it sideways.

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6. When you can’t wait until spring...

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7. He’s faking concentration, so he can cheat better!

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8. Phones keep getting bigger, which is a problem.

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9. When you don’t have a TV, but you can’t miss the game!

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10. He must have a door at home without a doorknob!

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11. Dinner should be ready in about…3 days.

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12. When all you have left are the earpieces...

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13. Wouldn’t it be easier to take advantage of the warranty?

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14. No ladder needed; this helicopter will do the trick!

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15. A shower nozzle that keeps the windshield from getting foggy…

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16. The strength of the spoon may be a concern…

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17. When you're tired of working from home!

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18. Using your pencil until the very end!

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19. As for how it looks, we’ll go back over it and clean things up a bit.

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20. Be careful, a fork down there can be dangerous.

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21. However, the arrow showing the current setting is missing.

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22. To force yourself to wake up!

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