22 niggling situations that could happen to any of us

Sometimes life can be really annoying as we face glitches that make us want to scream or pull our hair out!

Sometimes they leave us really embarrassed and wishing we could crawl into a hole. We all have different tales to tell, but a lot of the time it's about how we handle the trickier moments in life. So, if you need some consolation, just check out the following selection...

1. Yep, this happens every time

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2. Enough to make us grit our teeth

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3. Fingers crossed the inner wires aren't broken

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4. Lack of respect taken to a whole new level

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5. When you want to annoy your neighbors

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6. Clothes labels taken to an extreme

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7. This is painful to see!

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8. Seriously? Put an empty dish back in the fridge?

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9. When you ask them to cut your bagel in half

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10. Strictly speaking, this isn't a lie.

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11. This is why restrooms should provide toilet seat covers

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12. Don't even think about interrupting her phone call

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13. When the chocolate topping ends up on the wrapper

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14. So hungry they tore the packaging to shreds

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15. Time to start again

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16. Spot the intruder

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17. Cycle through the tree

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18. How to stop your kids from reading the packet

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19. If you have OCD, look away now!

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20. Seriously?  Who hired this plumber?

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21. Because privacy is paramount

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22. Ditto for anything with wires!

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