22 new and amazing design ideas

We think we’ve seen everything. But there are designers with incredible imagination, who continue to create new things all the time. They are constantly inventing new things that make life easier, through new shapes and colors, or in particular how useful they are.

There are designers who never take a break, so that they can bring us things that can be done better in the world today. We recommend you take a look at the creations below. They’re definitely worth seeing.

1. The logo for this animal transport company includes 5 different animals.

© tshaff138 / reddit  

2. At this Italian restaurant, you can see what your pizza will look like before ordering.

© polynilium / reddit  

3. Do you see two knives? This must be a restaurant known for its meats!

© andreaCava / reddit  

4. A toaster that charges your phone…

© odditymall.com  

5. The bottom of this bottle is a handy place to keep the cap!

© ImaginingDragon / reddit  

6. A simple wall transformed into a nice bench…

© bushall / reddit  

7. An extension for a game controller…

© revolution486 / reddit  

8. A two-sided sign between a steak shop and a skate shop…

© BADASSartoo / imgur  

9. This is a simple mosaic done in 3D, making it look realistic.

© Mass1m01973 / reddit  

10. Here’s how one hotel displays its room numbers…

© toralobo / reddit  

11. A stick of butter for your bread, saving wasted butter!

© Oreganj/ reddit 

12. Some interesting measuring spoons

© polkadotpizza / reddit 

13. In this London museum bathroom, the sinks slope to adapt to people of all heights!

© cuttyranking / reddit  

14. The shadow completes the name of the restaurant…

© Ratedrawr / reddit  

15. Creative packaging for pineapple cakes in China

© madcatezle / reddit  

16. Did someone take a bite out of this recipe book?

© Bsbs173 / reddit  

17. A creative logo at a dentist’s office

© lwrcasesncatpillows / reddit 

18. This carousel in Hong Kong lets disabled children ride on a sea turtle.

© cuttyranking / reddit  

19. You can use the right restroom if you know your biology…

© Andlyy / reddit  

20. This wi-fi symbol is in the shape of a burger...

© 21000lemons / reddit  

21. This watch just shows you what you need to see.

© unknown author / imgur  

22. A meter on this inhaler shows how many puffs are remaining.

© lmprobable / reddit