22 lifehacks that may or may not be worth a try

What brings out our inner creative genius? The need to be resourceful! Are we only creative when it comes to our work? No! There are plenty of times when we're at home and are suddenly faced with a broken object, a tricky kid, a shirt that needs steam ironing... The list goes on!

Which is where lifehacks come to the rescue, whether we invent them ourselves or scour the internet for solutions. Sometimes amazing results come from the simplest of ideas, so if you need some inspiration, check out the following astonishing selection...

1. How to fool your kid into thinking he's drinking a sugary juice 

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2. This Japanese person uses these lines to sort out their recipes

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3. How to keep your plants alive while you're on vacation

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4. Use an upside down dish rack to stop tupperware from flying around the dishwasher

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5. Guaranteed wake-up!

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6. Clever freezer organization

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7. Upcycle a crib base into a tie rack

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8. A child-proof razor

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9. Turn cables into a decorative feature!

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10. Use a tent to make a protected play area

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11. Ready to use next Christmas

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12. When you need smaller batteries in a hurry

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13. How to steam iron your shirts

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14. Another use for chopsticks

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15. Use the soda's lid as a ketchup bowl

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16. Tidy up cables with a hair clip

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17. Homemade meat tenderizer

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18. You don't always need to use your hotel key to turn on the power

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19. Turn a washing machine drum into a barbecue!

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20. An idea for caterers?

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21. Use a whisk to hard boil an egg, so you don't burn your fingers when its cooked

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22. Pizza gone cold?  Just warm up a slice on your charger!

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