22 inventions that improve the quality of life in the city

Living in a city has its advantages and disadvantages. Some cities do everything to make their residents’ quality of life the best it can possibly be. They encourage designers to improve the unique day-to-day experience of living in the city.

Because of this, inventions are flourishing in major cities around the world. Significant improvements are being made to public spaces that suddenly transform the site and delight visitors. Here are some ideas that have already been put in place.

1. This smart crosswalk alerts drivers and pedestrians at night and in bad weather.

© PDChina / Twitter  

2. Water dispensers on the road keep it clean.

© The Korea Blog  

3. This bus has a library on board to make your trip less boring.

© Gvanantham / reddit  

4. This highway has a special lane that charges electric cars while driving.

© GOV.UK  

5. This slide is an alternative to the escalator! Sometimes you have to let loose and unwind.

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6. LED-lit benches bring a little cheerfulness to a dull environment.

© Buchiro1 / reddit  

7. The elementary school in this neighborhood has parking for scooters.

© HookWard / reddit  

8. Umbrella lockers allow you to have one on hand for when the weather gets bad.

© convivialcor / reddit  

9. This subway has a 3D floor that makes it look like the train was flooded.

10. Relax while waiting for the bus – on a swing!

© outroversion / reddit  

11. This lounger lets you rest while charging your phone with solar power.

12. It's like an escalator for bikes!

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13. The lights above let you know if the stall is occupied or not.

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14. In this city, you can refill your water bottle with filtered water!

© Urbanff  

15. This train has special bike storage, so bikes don’t take up space inside the cars.

© Cyclelicious  

16. Thanks to this elevator, you won’t forget which floor you parked on.

© iunj / reddit  

17. This bus has USB outlets in every seat, so you can charge your devices!

© rfemsbr / reddit  

18. These fountains are dog-accessible!

© MakesLoveToGundams / reddit  

19. This ride makes it possible for disabled children to enjoy the ride too!

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20. One way to stop cars from scratching other cars…

© tomoblob / reddit  

21. In this train, a special seat allows children to have fun and be entertained during the trip.

© arm4da / reddit  

22. Giant hats provide shade for people sitting at this waterfront!

© Victor Vieillard