22 incredible interior design ideas

Home improvement shows have invaded TV stations for years. However, many are more about home staging, meaning improving rather than renovating a property that needs construction work.

But some of the most awesome ideas have yet to be picked up by professionals. So, we decided it was time to showcase them... Just check out these inspiring ideas!

1. A comfy hammock above the stairwell

© ooda.eu  

2. The coolest library in literary history

© Travis Price Architects  

3. Your own little corner of Paradise


4. A staircase aquarium

© Ihavenoideawhatishappening/ imgur  

5. A starlit night in your own living room

© thegadgetflow  

6. Because our pets deserve their own room

© The Rodimels  

7. A secret chamber

8. Don't look down!

© fayeredd / imgur  

9. A stunning fireplace

© Ancient Art of Stone  

10. A kaleidescope of colors

11. For skateboard fans!

12. One way to upcycle an old bike

13. Because kids love hidey-holes

© KreativitaAlnspiracia / facebook  

14. A cool sofabed

15. Her own Enchanted Kingdom

© radamshome / imgur  

16. Swirly and pink!

© elleynad/imgur  

17. A cloud light

© skot/imgur  

18. So soothing!

© dittidot/ imgur  

19. Turn a table into an aquarium

© iam4real/ reddit  

20. A colorful way to light up a dark area

© Studio Armin Blasbichler  

21. Climb a tree to get upstairs

22. Sleep in your own ship!

© Kuhl Design Build LLC