22 hilarious pranks that will make you think twice about sharing a house

Living in a shared household can be great.  There's always someone to talk to and financially it can be advantageous.  The problem is we don't always know what we're letting ourselves in for and can wake up one day to find we have the 'Housemate from Hell' or, as in this case, find ourselves in 'Prankster Central'!

Here are 22 hilarious pranks that illustrate the fun (or maybe nightmare) of living with roommates...

1. When your roommate reads between the lines

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"My roommate went out to buy a mousetrap.  This is what they brought back...."

2. When your roommate knows about your love of ice cream

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3. My Precious...

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"When you wake up in the morning and come face to face with this... Thanks roommate!"

4. When 'IT' crawls out of the sewer

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"My roommate is scared of clowns."

5. When your roommate does you a favor!

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"My roommate got some keys cut when I lost my set... This is what he gave me!"

6. Subtle and scary!

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"My roommate has a cruel streak! I thought I was being shot at!"

7. How to give your roommate a heart attack

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"I got a mannequin... My roommates are going to love it!"

8. This is sooooo annoying!

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"My roommate's pranks are simple, but very effective!"

9. You can always rely on your roommate to help you out of a bad situation

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"Someone sent me a photo of my roommate passed out drunk after he peed himself... I immediately got it printed onto a mug, so that he would never forget."

10. When housework's not your thing...

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"The day it was my roommate's turn to clean the dishes."

11. Always happy to help out...

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"My roommate's planning to bring a girl back, so I decided to decorate his room."

12. When your roommate turns you into a work of art

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"My roommate passed out early at a party..."

13. 10 out of 10 for imagination

"My roommate put this behind my bedroom door yesterday..."

14. April Fool!

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"For April Fool's day I decided to turn the bathroom into a chicken coop!"

15. At least it's better than walking on eggshells!

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16. Good morning!

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"The first thing that my roommate will see this morning!"

17. When you find flying hotdogs have invaded your room

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18. ... Or balloons!

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"I got home from college to find this in my room. Thanks guys!"

19. What would you do without roommates to cheer you up?

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"I'm off work today, so I decided to fill my roommate's empty photo frames..."

20. It must have taken months to collect so many newspapers!

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21. Enough to make you faint!

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"My roommate's a ****!"

22. How to spend a weekend alone...

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"My roommate's away this weekend, so I decorated his room with 5,000 Post-It's."