22 hilarious everyday fails that will make your day

Sometimes people simply mess up, other times things go wrong through no fault of our own! Urban fails, unexpected glitches, tricky children... They can happen to any of us!

Here are 22 photos that deserve to go down in 'fail history'.  What about you?  Any classic fails that you'd like to share with us?

1. We wonder if this was deliberate…

2. When someone doesn't understand how the human body works

3. Close call!

4. Why would they need to do this?

5. Maybe they were seeking revenge on their last day at work?

6. Carry the dog whilst taking your granddaughter for her daily walk

7. Oh where to begin... So much for anonymity!

8. Someone needs to learn how to draw

9. Why?

10. When you order a 'healthy' burger and get this!

11. Whoever made this has never seen a game of baseball

12. When someone wants to make their life more complicated

13. When quality checks go wrong

14. When your kitten still has a lot to learn

15. When a locksmith sends his trainee to do a job

16. When someone has no idea how the equipment works

17. We'd like to see them try a jigsaw puzzle

18. When the fish you want to catch beats you at your own game

19. Oops!  Bet their parents were shocked!

20. When things don't go to plan

21. We're hoping there's a logical explanation for this

22. When Obi-Wan Kenobi decides to hook up with Legolas