22 hilarious but completely useless pieces of advice that will make your day

Advice is everywhere! Between YouTube channels, blogs and social networks, we're always being told how to do our make-up, how to make the perfect cake, how to upcycle our furniture... This is why it's a welcome relief to come across 'know-it-alls' who have a great sense of humor.

Here are 22 of the funniest, most useless pieces of advice that are currently doing the rounds!

1. Bored of boiling water every morning for you coffee?  Boil several liters the night before and then store in the fridge!

© tehnopolis  

2. Feeling overwhelmed by the washing up?  Stack clean crockery and cutlery in the dish drainer so it looks like you're getting near the end.

© TheJoePilato  

3. Feel lonely at night?  Watch a horror film before bed and you'll never feel alone again!

© Fewdio Entertainment  

4. Bring your car tires back to life with a marker pen

© unknown author/imgur  

5. Save time when making up your bed with fresh sheets by just tucking in one corner

© dude_wells/reddit  

6. If you don't have a flash on your camera, just take a shot of the sun!

© HugoDeDaithi/reddit  

7. No clean mugs? Just use a pepper!

© unknown author/pikabu  

8. Run out of ice cubes?  Just use frozen vegetables!

© deviousdishsoap/reddit  

9. Save time in the morning by cleaning your teeth whilst you eat

© HaveAGoodDay_/reddit  

10. Parked in a forbidden spot?  Just lift up your windscreen wipers so that the warden has nowhere to put your ticket!

© untitled02/reddit  

11. Save money by not eating at lunchtime... Get up late and have your breakfast at midday!

© greekfood-tamystika/pixabay  

12. Hate mornings?  Just wear your sunglasses so you can pretend it's the evening!

© SkillUpYT/reddit  

13. 'Tune up' your PC so that it works faster, just like you would your car!

© TheRadmite/imgur  

14. Hate eggs?  Just mix them with butter, chocolate and flour and then pop them in the oven!  You'll love the way they taste!

© maxpixel  

15. Just do it!

© unknown author/imgur  

16. Can't afford a virtual reality headset?  Just close your eyes and let your imagination do the work!

© HammerandTusk/pixabay  

17. Feeling sad after a break-up?  Fill a rubber glove with water so you always have a hand to hold!

© gregthegregest/reddit  

18. Use your toothpaste to create a patriotic manicure

© rob-ho/tumblr  

19. Don't like being bald?  Get out your marker pens or hit a tattoo parlor!

© goldenboy11944/reddit  

20. A cool DIY cup holder for your car

© Izziew58 /imgur  

21. Had a car crash?  Just cover any damage with a giant Band-Aid!

© Seatruck12/ imgur  

22. Avoid getting your feet wet during a flood

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