22 heart-warming photos that show kindness in action

Every day we're bombarded with images of people or animals suffering, so there's nothing better than photos that show the nicer side of life... We all know a living angel who rescues animals or helps out their fellow human beings and we've decided it's time to pay these wonderful people a tribute!

So, if you've lost your faith in humanity, check out these photos of kindness in action and be reassured that the world we live in will always be full of heart-warming surprises!

1. Workers in this store installed a seat so this hard up lady could read books that she couldn't afford to buy

© abaderose108 / Imgur  

2. How to stop a crying baby

© attacked_by_a_turkey / Reddit  

3. A salon refused to give this lady a manicure as she has cerebral palsy and trembled too much. Happily, a nearby check-out girl did the honors!

© Tasia Smith / Facebook  

4. This Kenyan lady came across a former classmate only to find he'd become a drug addict... She got him through rehab and here they are today!

© K2Ocean / Reddit  

5. This American marine found 4 baby rabbits beside their dead mother.  Over two months he hand-fed them 4 times a day!

© Tokyomaneater69 / Reddit  

6. Meet William Boyajian, a professional actor/musician who goes busking to raise money for the homeless and those in need

© tellmemorejose / Reddit  

7. When 'Evil' does good!

© Two_Inches_Of_Fun / Reddit  

8. People lining up to foster pets after this animal shelter got flooded during a storm in Austin, Texas

© TyneeLips / Reddit 

9. First responders came to the rescue of this lady and her baby... One of them even gave the baby her bottle!

© Jill Neil / Facebook  

10. Canadian kids hung coats around their town so that homeless people could keep warm during winter

© Halifolks / Facebook  

11. This school principal told these students he liked their jeans, so they bought him a pair!

© jessecaaa24 / Twitter  

12. This guard had to stand still during a game, so a spectator held up an umbrella

© Braves / Twitter  

13. A cafe in Greece that lets stray dogs sleep inside at night

© Eustratios Papanis / Facebook  

14. Happy Valentine's Day!

© Unknown / Imgur  

15. "My 92 year-old grandpa making a card for my 93 year-old grandma!"

© weaksquare / Imgur  

16. This generous guy used his pay check to take 15 poor children to McDonald's

© quora.com  

17. Swings for wheelchair users!

© rahulm35 / Imgur 

18. The Japanese team always left their dressing rooms pristine clean (thank you note included!) after their matches during the 2018 soccer World Cup in Russia

© tancredipalmeri / Twitter  

19. A wonderful photo taken on Independence Day in New York

© Go_Habs_Go31 / Reddit  

20. Chivalry at work!

© apathist / Imgur  

21. Brotherly love!

© SeptixG / Reddit  

22. When Mike Maroney met up with the girl he rescued 10 years earlier during Hurricane Katrina.

© Unknown / Reddit