22 genius designs that will modernize our lives

We're not all creative geniuses... Coming up with a new design, turning it into a prototype, tweaking it to perfection and getting it on/off the factory floor can take years.

Thankfully there are plenty of highly talented designers out there who have the ability to change our lives, sometimes in the simplest ways! They not only have the ideas, but know how to see a project through to its end. So, if you love the latest gadgets or styles, check out these awesome designs and ideas!

1. A lead with an integrated umbrella

© amazon.com  

2. A chemistry exercise book!

© woodruff42/reddit  

3. A notch for your bag

© crazycatchick / reddit  

4. Get the perfect water temperature

© huskers17 / reddit 

5. Clothes hooks in a gym!

© TouchMe6969/reddit  

6. Turn the packaging into a chopstick support

© Flaming_Dragon_Queen/reddit  

7. Rainbow cutlery

© walmart.com  

8. Calorie-count your way up the stairs!

© jwtfs01/reddit  

9. Fun and practical

© papersource.com  

10. Label origami for those of us who love peeling off labels

© TheMysticAutistic/imgur  

11. Just because...

© TheMysticAutistic/imgur  

12. For those lazy mornings!

© urbanoutfitters.com  

13. Sandwich stool for a sandwich bar

© unknown_author/imgur  

14. Because coloring-in can be very relaxing - and detailed!

© amazon.com  

15. To make you smile when you step out of the shower!

© boxlunch.com 

16. We love this scourer holder!

© amazon.com  

17. A compact LED light cube

© amazon.com  

18. When Benjamin Franklin helps you make the perfect cup of tea

© scarletfloyd/reddit  

19. Keyrings with their own magnet

© amazon.com 

20. Very clever marketing and customer care

© jaoyama/reddit 

21. A see-through long board - people will think you're hovering above the ground!

© pineapple-1001/reddit  

22. Futuristic dice!

© michaeltyler/reddit