22 frustrating and annoying situations

Everyone faces little problems in their everyday life, little things that can annoy you to death: the internet connection freezes at the wrong time, not being able to find keys when we’re in a hurry, just missing the bus. In other words, things that really have no serious consequences, but just frustrate us to no end.

Here are 22 examples that will make you think about the irony of (bad) fate.

1. When your zipper separates

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2. When you take a banana and all the other stems break off. Now you have to eat the other ones, too.

3. After 5 min. in your pocket, the wires from your earbuds are already tangled

4. People who sit on the aisle on the bus and block the available seat

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5. When your fork falls into the food

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6. When the underwiring of your bra comes out

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7. When your shoelaces are too long

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8. Sites that you can’t visit without registering

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9. When you accidentally cut your fingernail too short

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10. Mirrored ceilings in public restrooms

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11. When you dry your hands with a paper towel that falls apart as soon as it gets wet!

When the thing that was meant to dry your wet hands completely fell apart because it was touched by your wet hands.

12. When you step on someone’s gum

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13. I came home to spoons of problems

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14. When you buy boots that aren’t the same height...

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15. When liquids gang up on you

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16. “Why?”

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17. A paper cut that hurts like hell

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18. The feeling of wet shirt sleeves after washing your hands

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19. After a stressful day, when you’re devouring a jar of ice cream and you get a text that knows what’s really going on:

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Actually, my boyfriend thought I was going to let off steam by playing “Overwatch,” but auto-correct didn’t know that word...

20. People who always leave a tiny bit of milk, so they don’t have to throw away the container themselves

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21. Lids that never come off the right way

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22. “My son’s first time on an airplane and we paid extra for a window seat.”

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