22 designs and displays that are way off the mark

Designs and visual displays are paramount when it comes to the release of a movie, book, TV series, fashion line, a new brand... It's no secret that marketing professionals are paid handsomely for their impressive and imaginative work.

However, sometimes their imagination can get a little carried away with itself! It may a deliberate ploy or a simple error of judgement, as they bombard the world with posters, slogans or adverts that can easily give a mixed or even wrong message. If it makes you smile, then it could either benefit the promoter and the design team or turn them into a laughing stock.

Just check out the following selection and tell us what you think... an awesome result or a total fail?

1. Would you hang this on your wall?

© unknown/imgur  

2. No, they're not stains...

© sploodify/reddit

3. Alvin appears to have grown an extremely big head!

© BigCballer/reddit

4. It's all in the color

© Mozzy321/reddit  

5. Compartments without compartments

© slayraria/reddit  

6. Sometimes colors shouldn't match

© Radicaltastic/reddit  

7. A women's shower with a transparent logo at chest level

© planb42win/reddit  

8. How to put people off...

© beltranmr_/reddit  

9. A mutant dinosaur?

© itgetsworse602/reddit  

10. Someone wasn't paying attention

© Schricker/reddit  

11. A talking sofa

© squadoodle/reddit  

12. Total Photoshop fail

© Nigerian-Nightmare/reddit  

13. A not-so-cuddly toy

© gilded_gipfeli/reddit  

14. This designer doesn't know how handles work

© OneBananaPi/reddit  

15. Maybe a door will appear one day

© DotSnk/reddit  

16. Child-friendly or child-scary?

© panetony/reddit  

17. When they use a free image

© mateussgarcia/reddit  

18. In all shapes and sizes

© notasimpleusername/reddit  

19. We pity the window cleaner

© YaTozheNeRobot/pikabu  

20. So traces of urine blend in?

© Taylorcluett/reddit  

21. They only had one job...

© Babua10/reddit  

22. A slight difference

© KrovvyMalchik/reddit