22 creative problem-solving ideas

Humans beings have immense problem-solving abilities. If we have the means, then there's no reason to not at least try. Sometimes, we can resolve issues in a flash.

Certain people are particularly good at getting themselves out of a bind. For them, nothing stands in their way when it comes to facing life's annoying little problems. Need proof? Then check out the photos below!

1. When a hat does more than protect you from the elements

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2. The day you asked your boyfriend to buy some concealer and he's not too sure about the shade

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3. We hope this is just a temporary 'fix'

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4. Using math to win a game of snooker

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5. Engineers, architects, builders... One way to always have a ruler to hand

6. Use your dog instead of a drone to film your tricks

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7. How to cross a river when you can't find a bridge

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8. Have you ever seen such a well-stocked tool cupboard?

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9. Alternative use for a ping-pong paddle

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10. This used to be a bathroom mirror

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11.  Never run low on battery

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12. If the panel fits, why not?

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13. If you don't have enough money to replace broken strings

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14. Upcycled to make a radio

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15. When you want to offer a man a bunch of flowers

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16. A hands-free solution (but easy to steal!)

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17. A relaxing snack in the bath

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18. We love this idea!

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19. No reason to be without music!

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20. Someone taking revenge on their noisy neighbors?

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21. Another use for a cap

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22. A delivery person who doesn't want a parcel to be seen and stolen

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