22 absolutely irritating things from daily life

Every human being has a unique personality, and everyone reacts to life’s daily trials in a different way. Any self-respecting human’s hairs stand on end when an embarrassing or irritating situation takes place before his eyes.

Sometimes we get our feathers ruffled by an event, even an ordinary, everyday thing. It could be the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard or feet on the table. Some behaviors don’t go unnoticed and make us lose our cool.

1. When someone leaves empty ketchup bottles in the kitchen…

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2. “Have you ever considered drinking the WHOLE bottle?”

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3. The other part is still edible…

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4. “And then I wonder why my legs always have bruises.”

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5. “This chandelier bothers me so much…”

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6. This image speaks for itself ...

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7. “Here's what the inside of my container of beef jerky looked like…”

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8. The main reason I hate glasses

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9. When your wife likes to decorate, even in front of the TV…

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10. Maybe one day they’ll invent a pre-cut box…

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11. “Having to fix this every single night of my life.”

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12. So thankful for my “candy topped” brownie.

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13. Consumer society

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14. The toilet paper at my college…

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15. “The ‘obstruction at my front door’ that prevented UPS from delivering my package...”

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16. My jam-filled donut…

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17. “I thought I was charging my computer all this time. I guess not!”

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18. Every. Single. Time.

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19. “My dad has had this laptop for 4 YEARS, and he refuses to take off the protective plastic.”

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20. Fake pockets…

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21. And that’s one less yogurt…

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