21 weird things that most of us do

There are billions of human beings on the planet. We all have our own genes, characters... and quirks! The fact that we are unique makes us all stand out from each other and means we won't necessarily judge others for being so different.

That said, many people share some strange habits... Those little things that many of us tend to do, just like the following selection!

1. Photographing random things - in this case a dessert spoon

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2. That drawer we've been planning to clear out for years

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3. Doing what we like when we're home alone

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4. The social network profile photo...

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5. Taping over again and again

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6. Buying items that are cheap, even though we know they may be faulty

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7. Binge eating and binge TV watching

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8. Pressing the shutter at the wrong time

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9. This is fun!

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10. Leaving the knife like this as we know we'll be back for second helpings.

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11. Taking cool photos of our pets

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12. Gazing out the window while contemplating the world around us

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13. Letting our pets listen to our voices over the phone

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14. Putting on the first pair of shoes we find...

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15. Creating cheat sheets

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16. Piling up our clothes

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17. Seeking comfort in food

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18. Drinking from the bottle cap

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19. Checking out what our socks look like on the inside

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20. Replying with an "LOL", even it it's not funny

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21. Dealing with boredom at work

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