21 unretouched photos that will make you do a double take

Today, it's easy to edit a picture to make it extraordinary using editing software. But unusual pictures can also be taken without using a filter or using Photoshop... You don’t think so?

Here are 21 photos that can be explained by science, but you'll have trouble understanding them at first.

1. A blanket of snow falling from the roof...

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2. Amazing, isn’t it?

© random-good-stuff  

3. The laws of gravity... Would anyone be brave enough to go inside?

© firstclassinspections  

4. Here’s something you don’t see every day!

© organiconcrete  

5. Speed ??is the only way something so incredible could happen!

© youtube  

6. Does this picture make you uncomfortable too?

© izismile  

7. This technique of putting stones together is based only on one thing: patience!

© gravityglue  

8. Snow sometimes puts on quite a show!

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9. This picture is 100% certified without any tricks!

© watson  

10. Goats and gravity: a match made in heaven!

© weixinyidu  

11. The amazing wall-climbing car

© xaftas  

12. The power of patience and perseverance... 

© mdig  

13. Would you ever think that ice could be so strong?

© hardware  

14. This is a difficult challenge to complete!

© strims  

15. If you don’t understand this picture, ask your physics teacher to explain it

© cha  

16. Check out this picture!

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17. This bottle holder is the result of the balance between two opposing forces

© pleated-jeans  

18. It looks like this dog is walking on water...

© fubiz  

19. You had to think about it, didn’t you!

© smilepost  

20. Walking on water is possible, on the Moses Bridge in The Netherlands!

© prooz  

21. Fun with physics!

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