21 times when items ended up in the washing machine

At some point in our lives, we’ve all accidentally put a handkerchief, a coin, or some other object in a washing machine. We don’t necessarily realize it, until the clothes are already wet...

Tissues end up in a thousand pieces, the coin could have broken the washing machine, and you cry over your soggy $50 bill. Rest assured, this doesn’t only happen to you…

1. “When I accidentally washed two dollar bills, I realized that one of them was counterfeit!”

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2. “I’m sure these headphones don’t work anymore.”

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3. “This lip balm accidentally ended up in my washing machine.”

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4. “My mom wanted to scan this picture of my dad, but she forgot about it in the pocket of her jeans.”

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5. “I washed my t-shirt with a sticker on it, and now it looks like a crushed moon.”

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6. “This is what happens to a book of matches in the washing machine.”

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7. “Even though the tag said, ‘Washing machine and dryer safe.’”

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8. “This is what happens when you accidentally wash a penny.”

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9. “My boyfriend is going to kill me... I put his favorite pocket watch in the washing machine.”

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10. “Accidentally washed an entire box of dryer sheets.”

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11. “This bill shrunk to one-fourth its original size in the wash!”

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12. “After being in the washing machine, this paper towel held its shape perfectly.”

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13. “I accidentally washed my brand-new wallet and this dog appeared.”

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14. When you accidentally put a sneaker in the washing machine…

15. “An almond went through a washing machine, and this is how it came out.”

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16. “I accidentally put my mechanical pencil in the washing machine, and in the middle of taking notes in class, it started to leak.”

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17. When you forget to take your gloves out of your back pocket…

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18. This is what happens to anti-stress pillows when they are washed…

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19. Here’s a cloth RFID tag after going through the wash.

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20. “When you wash a large load on medium setting, you end up with these white marks on your jeans.”

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21. “Fixing this sweater that I accidentally washed with a fluffy purple jacket.”

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