21 times when chance resulted in perfection

Are you a super-organized person or someone who freaks out if you see something less than perfect?  Do you have OCD tendencies?  If so, then you'll love this selection of photos, where luck or chance has resulted in perfect results!

We've put together 21 photos that will soothe the fussiest of people and help you get back your inner Zen!

1. When a line on a parking lot floor perfectly 'lines up' with the one on the car

© Very_Juicy/reddit  

2. Believe it or not, this is crystal clear water!

© GandalfTheWitch/reddit  

3. Ice cubes for perfectionists...

© 18Zeke/reddit  

4. A perfectly aligned shadow

© BenBai4Prez/reddit  

5. When you remove a cup cake without leaving a trace on the wrapper

© Caratticuss/reddit  

6. Ice cubes slowly melting in a hot latte

© irlyhatemayo/imgur  

7. Perfect timing for a perfect photo!

© IFartMoreThanHim/imgur  

8. A dryer that formed perfect balls of lint!

© renduh/reddit  

9. When the wrapper perfectly matches the nuts in this bar of chocolate

© Greenxdd/reddit  

10. The day you let a perfectionist play with your kids' LEGO

11. A donut that's too perfect to eat

© kseniapenkina/reddit  

12. A reflection on a double-pane window

© Tyaden_tyadenovich/reddit  

13. When a slice of pepperoni is perfectly circled by a slice of onion

© Aznev/reddit  

14. Because '3' is the magic number

© ItzMTH93/reddit  

15. A perfect drop of moisturizer

© unknownauthor/imgur  

16. When melting snow becomes a work of art

© QueenJamesKingJordan/reddit  

17. When hens lay eggs that form a perfect color gradient

© mommytobe8/reddit  

18. This table's reserved for perfectionists

© Tverishka/pikabu  

19. When you love perfectly wrapped gifts!

© thesecondlasthope/reddit  

20. Creating the perfect sandwich

© horseradishfistfight/reddit  

21. A rainbow of candy... We could look at this forever!

© awalme/reddit