21 times someone had a stroke of luck

Do you believe in luck or do you always rationalize events? Whatever you believe, you have to admit that when "Lady Luck" shines on us, it can more than make our day. After all, nothing's better than the feelgood factor!

Believing that nothing can go wrong lifts our spirits. Being optimistic helps us to move forward. When we have a stroke of good luck, it makes life even better, and we must make the most of the magical moment. So, if you need your faith restoring, check out the following examples of Lady Luck doing what she does best!

1. "I stepped on this while crossing a road."

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2. When a squirrel finds a nice, warm place for a nap

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3. The return of a ring that was lost years' ago

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4. A sign that you're in for a really good day!

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5. When a bank note stays in tact!

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6. That New Year when you didn't want to go out and your sister invites all her friends over!

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7. Lovely and ripe, plus a tiny stone!

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8. When you find yourself next to Johnny Depp and he gives you a signed bottle of champagne

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9. When you help to tidy up your parents' place and stumble across this

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10. They ordered 1, but 20 were delivered

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11. A husband and wife with near-identical birth marks

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12. When every egg is a double-yolker!

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13. "This is where my wife works."

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14. Have you ever seen a 'twin' coconut?

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15. Two diamond rings that were found wrapped up in a shopping list

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16. This little girl was scared of dogs until she met this pooch!

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17. These guys discovered that their guitars were manufactured one after the other

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18.  When you take your daughter to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the group invites her on stage and gifts her a signed guitar!

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19. Maybe this book was written especially for them?

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20. Nothing better than animal love!

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21. An invitation to Hogwarts?

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