21 things all teenagers from the 2000s can relate to

Times change. Teens from the 2000s experienced a lot of innovation in many different areas, like fashion, dating, and technology.

Were you a teenager in the 2000s? You’ll definitely see a little bit of yourself in this top 21 list!

1. The famous Von Dutch caps that made you look cool

2. Wearing the world's most persistent perfume (Lolita Lempika or Angel) and thinking it makes you a mature woman

3. Learning choreography on YouTube for the end-of-the-year Talent Show

4. Being a fan of “Lizzie McGuire”

5. Showing all your friends the songs you’re listening to on Messenger

6. Putting mascara in your hair to make colored strips, because your mom wouldn’t let you dye it

7. Downloading music and making mix CDs

8. Coloring your eyelashes with colored mascara

9. Braiding your hair with a special device

10. Decorating your Nokia case to make it more fun

11. Begging your parents for the latest iPod

12. Watching “Smallville” just to see the actor

13. Creating a Sim with a supermodel’s body

14. Slathering your lips with gloss to look better

15. Putting tiny butterfly barettes in your hair

16. Copying Avril Lavigne's style by stealing your dad’s tie

17. Using Lime Wire to download music

18. Creating your own ringtones on your Nokia

19. Watching talent competitions on TV

20. Decorating your ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars

21. Playing Solitaire for hours on end