21 spouses who haven’t quite figured out family life

Being part of a couple isn’t all great. Life isn’t always cuddling in bed, sweet words, and a dream life. These things may exist, but there are always moments that are a little less fun.

So during these moments, it’s important to remain united, together as a couple. This helps couples be more able to face the difficult times. It is also helps make memories – and funny moments that we remember forever...

1. “I have my reasons for making my wife have her own tube of toothpaste.”

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2. “This is how my wife throws boxes away.”

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3. “When you come home late from work and your husband tells you that dinner will be a little late.”

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4. You have to wonder if they do it on purpose...

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5. “I tried to wash my husband's pillow... Now I guess I have to tell him.”

6. “My wife only likes the toppings – and then she does this.”

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7. “My husband ties knots so tight that I have to tear open packages.”

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8. When you give your wife an 18-carrot necklace.

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9. “My wife asked me to fix the toilet…”

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10. “My wife isn’t capable of finishing a drink.”

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11. “How my husband puts away the cereal.”

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12. “When my wife goes to bed before me…”

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13. “My friend's wife made him shave his moustache, so he left it as a souvenir.”

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14. “My wife bought me a Nerf gun.”

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15. “I warned my wife not to step on the drywall. As she was saying that she didn’t know what drywall was…”

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16. “My husband always forgets to put on a new roll... Not this time!”

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17. My wife doesn’t pay attention to what we already have when she goes grocery shopping.

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18. “My wife doesn’t understand why I’m bothered by how this lid is placed.”

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19. “My wife has this annoying habit of not screwing on lids all the way.”

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20. “He just had one job to do this morning…”

21. “My wife wanted her sandwich cut in half, but she wasn’t very specific as to how.”

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