21 snaps that embody the art of photobombing

Typically, photobombs are snapshots where people voluntarily pop up in the background. The whole idea is to make people laugh! Sometimes we'll take a quick snap without even thinking about what's going on behind us and that's when the magic happens...

From unexpected appearances to cleverly thought-out poses, here are 21 photobombs that have gone down in social media history! Do you love photobombing? If that's the case, then check out the following for some inspiring ideas!

1. This lady took the internet by storm when her reaction at seeing Beyoncé and Jay-Z was caught on camera!

© Beyonce/instagram.com  

2. Someone's not impressed

© sigep_coach/reddit.com  

3. Being a Victoria's Secret Angel is a tough call

© FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News  

4. Tourist selfie ruined?

© Tresis55/reddit.com  

5. When your brother does this

© WatermelonPOWAH/reddit.com  

6. Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend get photobombed by their No.1 fan

© PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS  

7. Just baseball star Matt Garza popping up in the background

© everymanawildcat/reddit.com  

8. Magic Johnson just happened to be walking past

© HockeyFan312/reddit.com  

9. Imagine visiting the Microsoft HQ and getting photobombed by Bill Gates himself!

© ew00d/reddit.com  

10. Samuel L. Jackson caught taking a photo of Salma Hayek

© Instagram/East News  

11. Dwayne Johnson's clearly a photobomb pro!

© Boshasaurus/reddit.com  

12. Who's photobombing who?

13. Priceless! Subtle, but effective!

© princeofpersia/reddit.com  

14. Someone's having more fun than the others

15. When it's Halloween and a zombie raises itself from the dead

© Directioninpiglatin/reddit.com  

16. That look!

© HellYesMidWest/reddit.com  

17. Creeping up from behind

18. Hardcore photobomb

© Iharbron/imgur.com  

19. Because men can also pout

© Lutya/reddit.com  

20. Perfect timing! And it wasn't deliberate!

© TheFearLess3/reddit.com  

21. Celebrity on the right, bread delivery woman on the left.  This shot led to her landing a modelling contract!