21 situations that would put anyone's nerves to the test

We all have moments when we're confronted with a situation that makes us want to tear our hair out. We grit our teeth, feel our blood pressure rise, but know that there is absolutely nothing we can do. Sometimes, however, we can't help but lose our cool!

We let off steam or spring to action in order to put a "wrong to right". What about you? Would you wake up the person who's taken up the last remaining seats in a departure lounge? Or would you just take a snap and share the evidence of this injustice? Or are you someone who lets things slide and manages to keep your zen? Not easy, huh? So, if you're have a super-frustrating day, check out the following and rest assured that you're not alone!

1. A lot of people don't realize just how small the Mona Lisa is!

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2. Avocado massacre

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3. What you ordered was not what you received

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4. Guess the traffic signal color

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5. Blinded by a cell phone reflection

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6. Grrr, this is so dishonest

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7. When Windows decides to update just before an event is about to start

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8. Production line fail

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9. Yep, we all know this one!

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10.  When your kid is bored by a show, so you have to entertain them by streaming Netflix

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11. Was it really too much to ask?

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12. When spectators stop you from enjoying the display

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13. This boy's sister always tries all the candy

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14. The day you moved into Apartment 13

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15. They will sort it out... one of these days...

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16. A very expensive table

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17. Just don't get confused by the lines

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18. Total lack of consideration

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19. When your house-moving neighbor doesn't give a hoot

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20. Migraine guaranteed

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21. They won't be buying these chocoates again

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