21 sights that are as close to perfect as possible

Does perfection exist? No! Can we get close to perfection? Yep! Some people constantly strive for perfection...  They love things to be organized, whether it's about displaying produce in a store or waiting patiently to take the perfect photo. From being obsessively tidy to meticulously preparing a meal, their patience deserves an award!

So, if you’re naturally fussy or wish you were a bit more organized, check out the following photos that are as close to perfection as you can get!

1. Pick your cherries from the box, not the pile!

© LadySovereign / reddit  

2. As pretty as a rose

© Labracadabradoodle / imgur  

3. Tire yard art?

© unknown/imgur  

4. When mowing becomes a pleasure

© jazznwhiskey / reddit  

5. Plus there's no chance of a trunk falling off!

© deleted / reddit  

6. A pleasure to drive behind

© NeRRR / pikabu  

7. A vacuum cleaner to match your carpet?

© peachtreelane/Reddit 

8. She loves to match her parrot

9. Imagine accidentally knocking this over...

© Tammytimelapse/Reddit  

10. Look closer - these are 2 photos that perfectly align

© flowerboy00/Reddit  

11. When a glass creates an optical illusion

© OninjacowO/Reddit  

12. The most organized coffee shop in the world

© kuchka70/Pikabu  

13. When you press the shutter at exactly the right moment

© dittidot/Reddit  

14. Subway train meets swimming pool?

© julieeea/Reddit  

15. A sign that you'll never miss

© Dimas767/Pikabu 

16. Perfect fit... But getting out of the space is another matter!

© ABanana4Scale/Reddit 

17. Fancy a pancake?

© jfk_47/Reddit  

18. A very friendly truck

© 1stMD/Reddit  

19. Swiss Cheese with only one hole

© noONElikesAredNeck/Reddit  

20. How to creatively cut out the seeds

© CaptainBurgundy/Reddit  

21. When Buddha morphs into Terminator

© Youted/Reddit