21 quirky sights caught on camera

Snapping and sharing the strange things we see has almost become a social network must if we want to entertain our followers or ensure our pages create a buzz. Whether they're shocking, funny or just plain weird, the internet is awash with photos designed to make us do a double take!

Here are 21 people who pressed the shutter at exactly the right moment and immortalized some puzzling images. Which one do you think is the weirdest and do you have any similar snaps that you'd like to share?  Just leave your comments below!

1. This 'lampshade' is in fact a balloon that floated up to the ceiling and got stuck to a spotlight!

© Mercucio/pikabu  

2. Buddhist monks who are also Nirvana fans!

© FortPhoenix/reddit  

3. An art gallery that either makes you lose your head or the ability to stay awake...

© dakine21/pikabu  

4. When your laziness brings out your inner genius!

© https://www.reddit.com/r/hmmm/comments/7smsly/hmmm/  

5. When sleeping dogs form a bearskin rug!

© nuggetman333/reddit  

6. For anyone who doesn't believe that pigeons often take their lunch breaks together

© HromoiHomyak/pikabu  

7. A staircase that makes no sense at all!

© bob1689321/reddit  

8. When you're served a dish that looks just like a painting

© Haond/reddit  

9. Proof that cats can perch themselves just about anywhere!

© frenzy3/reddit  

10. Oops, poor frog!

© blokereport/reddit  

11. The day you got home to find the Minotaur in your living room...

© unknown author/imgur  

12. When a Mario Bros lookalike dresses up as one of the Mario Bros!

© WillAWillowEverWalllow/imgur  

13. Spot the head!

© Vegan_peace/reddit  

14. Meanwhile in Canada...

© Mp32pingi25/reddit  

15. Have you ever seen a mushroom greenhouse?

© manitou/pikabu  

16. Guaranteed to make the cops pull you over!

© Cablinorb/reddit  

17. When a tiger worries about Tigger...

© Endless_Vanity/reddit  

18. What's your verdict?  Animals or a hat and gloves?

© Dimhen/pikabu  

19. We're assuming this guy has really long legs...

© amv8v/reddit  

20. This one messes with our brains...

© Caleb---/reddit  

21. The day you realized the office had a hidden door...

© hobbeslovesyou/reddit