21 practical inventions that are set to change the way we live

Inventors are constantly coming up with practical solutions to our everyday problems or desires. Some may be fun, others become international best-sellers as they change the lives of households around the globe.

Some are so useful that we often wonder how we managed to survive without them, just like the following selection of awesome ideas. So, if you love discovering the latest gadgets or life hacks, then read on and look forward to an easier life!

1. A blow-up protective cover - never worry again about hail storms!

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2. A microwave with an integrated toaster!

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3. For anyone who loves singing in the shower... A shower head with an integrated Bluetooth speaker.

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4. An ATM with randomized numbers so no one can guess your PIN number from your hand movements or finger prints

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5. A wedding gown with practical pockets!

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6. These restrooms in Taipei have a real-time display that lets you know when a cubicle is free

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7. This hotel has weather updates on its mirrors

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8. A biro that shows ink levels

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9. So you can limit the amount of chocolate you eat

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10. A mouse with an integrated calculator

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11. For sushi-loving Star Wars fans!

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12. So you know what's inside!

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13. A backpack with an integrated whistle on the strap

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14. Safely take your cat for walks!

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15. Air-filled packaging to limit waste!

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16. This Portland airport has refrigerated tables to keep your drinks cold

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17. A hair clip that's also a ruler and wrench

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18. Reusable and resealable - genius idea!

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19. This changing room has a light-adjustable mirror, so you can see what your outfit will look like at any time of day

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20. Child-friendly toilet seat!

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21. Keep cool at all times with a cap that has an integrated fan!

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