21 photos of things that actually exist in real life

The world is so big that there are some really amazing things out there. And when you only see them in pictures, you might wonder how real they actually are. It's so easy to make anyone believe anything today with the magic of Photoshop.

But the photos you’ll see below are all real. Nothing has been tampered with, and you can only say that something doesn’t seem quite right.

1. How hot does it get in Arizona?

© Ryan Beggar / blogpost  

2. When your dog takes up the whole couch!

© Skierdude821 / reddit  

3. Is this even possible?

© Nickyleannekumar / reddit  

4. This giant cloud looks like a man smoking!

© marvii / reddit  

5. The tree’s shadow left the snow in place on the roof!

© somewhat-damaged / reddit  

6. The most perfect orange in the world!

© Turbo_Scout13 / reddit  

7. When you find a lot of money under your mattress!

© amy2kim22 / reddit  

8. This wedding dress is really “lit.”

© stop_hanna_time / reddit  

9. A mummified dinosaur in Canada…

© LongDongBigBong / reddit  

10. A thin layer of clouds looks like it’s resting on the branch.

© JerseyKiwi / reddit  

11. A laser-lit car by the ocean (created with a green laser pointer and long=exposure photography)!

© Blackjack667 / reddit  

12. There’s quite a size difference between Boban Marjanovi? and Kristin Chenoweth...

© KOCOKeating / twitter  

13. The view from the Istanbul University library looks unreal!

© Porodicnostablo / reddit  

14. The reflection of my beer on the card brings life to the fire!

© drxpbxx / reddit  

15. Are you in a black and white drawing?

© Hiimhype / reddit  

16. How was fishing this morning?

© basshead541 / reddit  

17. What a beautiful bird! (A Lilac-breasted roller)

© wh2stle / reddit  

18. This dog looks like a statue!

© siddharthc_9 / reddit 

19. The face I make when I have nothing to do that day…

© imataruto / reddit  

20. Perfectionism to the extreme!

© Prostoilogin / pikabu  

21. She has a beautiful crown on her head!

© Karvalol / pikabu