21 photos that sum up life as a parent

Becoming a parent is one of life's biggest learning curves... Ask any mom or dad and they'll tell you about the delights of welcoming their newborn and watching him/her grow up vs endless poop, barf, chaos and sleepless nights. Raising a child requires unconditional love and every parent has days when they feel a meltdown coming on! But we still love our little ones, even if they're getting up to no good!

So, in honor of all exhausted parents and their little bundles of joy, here are 21 moms or dads who've shared a glimpse into the highs and lows of raising kids, often with hilarious results... What about you? Ever caught your child doing some really bizarre? Do you have any tiny terrors at home or are your kids little angels in disguise?  Share your stories with us below!

1. This little girl kept going to the bathroom sink to talk with 'someone' called George. Her terrified mom was convinced something paranormal was going on until she realized that her child was just chatting with Peppa Pig's little brother…

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2. "Look into my eyes..."

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3. When you decide to use your baby's playpen to protect your workspace!

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4. This kid should try playing the piano

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5. This 10 year-old girl sent a touching Christmas card to her step-brother!

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6. Different priorities...When your son's more interested in playing with his Gameboy than enjoying a boat ride

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7. The day a student stuck this photo to every classroom door in the school!

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8. When you ask your son to tidy up his clothes and when you go to check, you see this!

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9. The day one of your students took advantage of a class presentation to sneak off and nap behind a bookcase

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10. Don't want your mom and dad to know that you've been eating the ice-cream?  Just eat the middle part and they won't notice until they open the tub!

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11. Someone doesn't want to go to school

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12. Clever boy... Give your sister an unattached controller so that she can happily play without messing up your game!

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13. This little guy loved vacuum cleaners so much that his parents included one in his portrait

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14. Hands up if you also played 'dress-up' with your pet!

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15. The day your child discovered they could cross their eyes... And from then on did so every time someone took a photo

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16. Hilarious! This kid wanted to dress up as a fart for Halloween and his mom came up with this costume!

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17. A summer camp employee saw this 8 year-old girl's drawing and asked her what it represented... The little girl explained that it was a portrait of her elder sister!

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18. This student always wears a chainmail vest to class and refuses to take if off despite his teachers' repeated requests

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19. When you're about to give birth, but your eldest child has other ideas...

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20. This girl gave her brothers and sisters personalized portraits!

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21. This little guy managed to break into this claw crane and handed out candy and soft toys to the other kids while he waited to be rescued

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