21 photos with something interesting going on in the background

More than anything else, a great photo comes from a beautiful point of view, nice-looking people, an excellent pose, and a background that people love. If a picture has all of these things, it’s probably gorgeous.

Except that we can’t control everything in our pictures – especially what’s happening in the background... In the pictures below, you’ll notice that the background is really what grabs your attention, and sometimes ruining the picture. But they will make you laugh!

1. The girl in the background is about to get dunked!

© ReubenRubenc21 / twitter  

2. The boy in back knows how to get attention…

© WatermelonPOWAH / reddit  

3. Is she even old enough to have a license?

© Krumma / pikabu  

4. “You pulled my tail earlier, so now I'm going to get revenge!”

© mrsyelslab / reddit  

5. “It's Disney – you don’t have to be such a hater.” 

© Gurnetlight / imgur 

6. He’s either drowning or he can't believe his eyes...

© 7oh7_ / twitter  

7. This will make your hair stand on end.

© verguy / imgur  

8. He’s a little curious.

© tryistarz / imgur  

9. The light helps you see the photobombing bartenders better!

© UneasyPerson / reddit  

10. “You didn't want to include me in the family photo, so here’s what I think about that!”

© fiveeightthirteen / reddit  

11. What’s going on back there, anyway?

© LingLingEst / imgur  

12. He apparently wasn’t invited to the wedding, but they’ll remember him forever!

© Mandermania / imgur 

13. Parents are supposed to lead by example...

© Stinkybutt123 / imgur  

14. I’m watching you closely, my little dear…

© unknown author / imgur  

15. These guys are in the right place at the right time.

© denissnb / reddit 

16. Everyone has their own way of posing…

© andruha1123 / imgur  

17. “Hey, I think your cat may be a little jealous…”

© unknown author / imgur  

18. The little girl in the back must be thinking they’re such posers!

© unknown author / imgur  

19. “Hey, who wants to come with me tonight?”

© Neckrolls4life / imgur  

20. “I can say ‘cheese’ too!”

© jman2k15 / imgur 

21. When you’re thinking more about tonight’s game than your girlfriend’s kiss…

© CrunchyToast19 / imgur