21 photos that prove how tricky family life can be

Family life is great, but it's not always a bed of roses and moments of joy are interspersed with dramas that make us want to pull our hair out!

Fortunately, most of us can look back at events and, with hindsight, see the funny side and forgive the culprit, be it our partner, kids, parents... After all, there's nothing better than laughter to heal any wounds!

1. When your husband tells you he's buying a new bed... For the cat

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2. Revenge for not closing the toilet seat

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3. The day her husband discovered that he could park the car inside the house

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4. He had to tell his wife that he broke the toilet seat

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5. His wife forgot to leave the child seat in the car, so messaged him later to ask how he'd secure their baby... This is the snap he sent!

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6. When you want to remind your husband to throw out used diapers

7. Her husband was angry with her, so only made half the bed!

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8. The reaction when they were told there was no more candy

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9. Do you think her husband will realize that she borrowed an extension lead

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10. She hid when her parents came to check if she was in bed...

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11. The end of a long day

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12. This little girl decided this bill was too large for her wallet, so she cut it in half

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13. When your grandma gives you money and you cut it up to make more money...

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14. Her 4 year-old decided to cut her own hair... At least it will grow back!

15. Not the way to cut a bagel in half

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16. When your husband asks to be present at the birth

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17. Helping to redecorate the house

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18. When your wife traps a bee...

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