21 photos of people who took things a little too far!

We all have our own ways of doing things. The way we talk, eat, act, dress... they're all part of what makes us so awesomely individual! But what we consider to be normal behavior may not correspond to what others expect - welcome to the world of eccentricity!

In honor of all the wonderful eccentrics out there, we've put together a hilarious selection of photos that prove some people love to 'go that extra mile', much to the amusement of us all!

1. When you forget it's a fancy dress day at the office!

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2. One helluva cheeseburger - yum!!

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3. "My friend got drunk and broke a window on his mom's car. This is his preventative measure to stop someone from hot wiring it and driving off."

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4. Determined to win a bet...

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5. A snake meets butler?

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6. Fast asleep...

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7. Oh where to begin...

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8. "Drinking last night and my friend decided to throw a knife at my door... This was the result."

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9. Chimera eyes, chimera hair!

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10. Hanging out with the Mario Bros.

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11. Would you board this plane?

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12. Never order clothes on line when you're drunk!

13. He is so going to freak out when he wakes up

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14. Balancing act...

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15. When someone doesn't want to tip...

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16. Right letters, wrong order

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17. Don't get too close!

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18. When someone eats pretzels like this!

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19. Who cares just so long as he pays a good price?

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20. Next time be gentle!

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21. The day the restroom ran out of toilet paper

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