21 photos that'll take a little time to understand

Sometimes, we don't notice the weird and wonderful things around us. This may be because our emotions aren't being put to the test or simply because we're rushing around and don't have the time to step back and take it all in...

And then there are the times when our minds decide to play trick on us, at which point it can easily take us a minute or so to figure out what's really going on! A bit like the photos below, which, at a first glance, are guaranteed to mess with you brain!

1. No, this isn't her leg or her shorts!

© jacobo/ reddit  

2. A real or DIY camera?

© moon ?/ Twitter  

3. A very pregnant man?

© Carlos Moreno / Twitter  

4. The pebbles in Fuerteventura look like popcorn!

© alice_m100 / Reddit  

5. A very young Elvis fan?

© Eriestreetcatlovers / Reddit  

6. Dress meets escalator

© Palpat1ne / Pikabu 

7. Yes, giants exist!

© DesNube / Pikabu  

8. This is the actual design - it's not dirt or grime!

© jeffy983 / Reddit  

9. He's missing part of his body...

© guillaume21 / Reddit  

10. Great timing!

© neverkidding/ reddit  

11. Enough to set off anyone's vertigo

© taylanalan / Reddit 

12. 2D buildings in Amsterdam!

© BrigadierBearThe3rd / Reddit  

13. The day Barbie morphed into a cat

© Icantpostanymorefucmylife/ imgur  

14. It's all in the angle

© fjbruzr / Reddit  

15. Looks like Pink has grown an extra leg...

© wivsta / Reddit  

16. When faces fuse...

© BunnyAdorbs / Reddit  

17. When your dog grows legs

© cursed_elmo / Reddit  

18.  A shadow that looks like a mythological creature

© IamNiceButNotMuch / Reddit  

19. Which body parts belong to which person

© NBLSS 1 / Reddit  

20. Blending into the background

© T0AST3DBR3AD / Reddit  

21. A cool way to liven up a street!

© Koyomi_Nanak / Reddit