21 photos that define laziness

Being lazy isn't necessarily wrong, and we all have moments when we lack motivation or lose our get up and go. That said, some people are experts at finding the laziest way to accomplish a task, and in doing so can come up with genius ideas to get something done with the minimum of effort!

So, if you're feeling burned out, here are some ways you can go about your day without barely moving a muscle...

1. When you prefer to lie on your side

© cheami / Reddit  

2. Because taking the trash out is boring

© wilsond705 / Imgur  

3. The day they couldn't find the TV remote

© cejaspobladas / Twitter  

4. A relaxing way to "stand" in line

© augustinablanchrr / Reddit  

5. Why take off the sticker when you can just eat around it

© lookitskelvin / Imgur 

6. When even making a cheese sandwich requires too much effort

© Acidcow.com  

7. Sit back and relax in front of the TV

© Barkboy63 / Reddit  

8. One for cat owners!!!

© CresidentBob / Reddit  

9. How to snack while you work

© Unknown / Imgur  

10. Pre-peeled fruit...

© goldfishstick / Imgur  

11. Limited visibility, but hey, it was a freezing cold morning!

© Unknown / Imgur  

12. When your razor handle breaks and you can't be bothered to go to the store

© AncientChineseSecret / Reddit  

13. Because the chair was in the other room

© onelonefrog / Reddit  

14. It required too much effort

© MooreEvo09 / Reddit  

15. When getting out of the car is too much

© Struggle4Real / Twitter  

16. One lazy, but inventive kid!

© arvzg / Reddit  

17. At least they won't break

© Gulibis / Reddit  

18. To be fair, this could help if you have a repetitive strain injury

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19. When you never turn back the clock

© UnpluggedMind / Reddit 

20. Ready for next year!

© 342636_stephy_a / Reddit  

21. Most of us are guilty of doing this!

© XenoChinchilla / Imgur