21 photos that capture sheer happiness and utter joy!

Life can be really tough and sometimes it's hard to look on the bright side of things. Fortunately - thanks to cell phones - more and more of us are able to immortalize and share some of the wonderful moments that we experience or witness.  Here's a selection of 20 photos that illustrate happiness and joy...

1. The smile of a baby that's just left the intensive care unit

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2. A father and daughter reunited after 2 years' separation due to a nasty divorce

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3. Ringing the bell after 12 months of chemotherapy

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4. They day you beat the male competition at Fantasy Football!

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For anyone who's never heard of Fantasy Football, this interactive virtual game involves choosing and managing a team, working within a budget and devising team tactics.  Results are based on player achievements (touch downs, passes, wins, losses...) and the winner is the person whose team accumulates the most points in their particular league.

5. A 60 year-old lady who finally walked down the aisle with the man of her dreams!

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6. Bumps and bruises aside, check out the joy of this girl who's just won her first MMA fight!

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7. When you see and feel snow for the first time in your life!

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8. A little girl meets a snake for the first time

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9. First steps after a lung transplant that was performed 10 days before

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10. When a mother holds her premature baby for the first time... A baby that's now a bouncy, bubbly 3 year-old!

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11. When a photographer captures a brother watching/filming his dad dance with his sister at her wedding!

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12. Survivors of the Holocaust: These 2 men suffered and survived the horrors of a concentration camp, but were still overjoyed to see each other again decades' later.

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13. A tiny superhero who beat cancer after 8 chemotherapy sessions!

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14. When reduced mobility technology means you can once again visit the seaside!

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15. When a downpour creates the most magical wedding photo!

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16. 72 years' after he fought in WW2, this vet finally received his well-earned medals!

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17. When you hear your son's heart beat after it was transplanted into a desperately ill young patient

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18. The joy of 'flying'

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19. This 33 year-old unexpectedly met the surgeon who delivered him!

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20. The wonder of technology... This man was badly injured in a traffic accident, but got to walk thanks to a mechanical exoskeleton!

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21. When an amazingly talented blind child receives his reading award

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