21 photos for anyone who thinks they've seen it all

If you think you've seen it all, then read on... We may live long, interesting lives, but Mother Nature's got plenty of surprises up her sleeve!

For example, have you ever seen an albino deer or the biggest pumpkin ever grown in the US? What about noodles that have been frozen 'mid-air'? Scroll through this selection and we're sure you'll find it as fascinating as we do!

1. An eagle's claws

© imgur  

2. $500,000... Sadly, torn to shreds

© Grimrr_Halfpaw / Reddit 

3. In 1974, Ramses' mummy was issued a passport so that it could be returned to France...

© GallowBoob / Reddit  

4. This is what -60°C does to a bowl of noodles

© flickr.com  

5. Individually packed grapes...

© Ii_kimochi / Reddit  

6. For patrons who've had too many beers

© Wodis / Pikabu  

7. When a plane is too large for a hanger

© brandon9582 / Reddit  

8. A practical sink meets fridge meets hob

© tammiallday / Reddit  

9. A sneezing albino deer

© kartinkoved / Pikabu  

10. Grown in the US in 2018, this pumpkin weighs a whopping 2,528 lbs

© forever_cat_lady / Reddit  

11. A VERY heavy carrot!

© VLStetson / Pikabu 

12. A sink carved out of lava...

© bog_warrior_ie / Reddit  

13. 47 years ago the Apollo 15 team took this photo of Earth from the Moon

© NileTC / Reddit  

14. This pot of yogurt features the names of all the cows that helped to make it!

© Everdale / Reddit 

15. Time lapse beehive formation!

© King_Toad / Reddit  

16. These 25,000 di were agitated in a cylinder

© Live4GC / Reddit  

17. A globe designed for blind people

© Deathman / Pikabu  

18. When you can feel someone watching you

© Alphatek666 / Reddit 

19. A self-checkout where all you need to do is put your basket in the cupboard and let the machine add everything up...

© juxtaposasian / Reddit  

20. Milk delivery door

© Mgdisney22 / Reddit