21 people who managed to beat the system without breaking a rule!

Some people love beating the system, while others may find themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to 'find an alternative solution', often with hilarious consequences.

We're not talking about arch criminals, but people who manage to get their own way without actually breaking any laws or rules! If you need proof, then check out the following selection of people whose lateral thinking skills meant they were able to bend the rules without ending up in the dog house or behind bars!

1. When you're not allowed a pumpkin at Halloween!

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2. He forgot to put on a belt so had to find a way around the mandatory dress code!

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3. This company insists that all drinks must be served in a cup with a straw

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4. When walking on the grass is forbidden, but the sign says nothing about crawling!

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5. Her husband didn't want her to buy any more plants, so she bought some seeds!

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6. "Don't even think of setting a foot outside!"

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7. This worker managed to change the office thermostat without touching it!

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8. Clever parking!

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9. This guy needed to send a photo of himself in a suit along with his job application. As he didn't have a suit, he decided to use his Photoshop skills!

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10. Following instructions literally!

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11. His mom wanted him to play outdoors...

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12. When you're not allowed to take drinks into the pool area

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13. Can't be bothered to paint your wall?  Just stick on some paint strip samples!

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14. When the exam stipulates that your answer must be on one page only!

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15. When you've been banned from entering a stadium, but are desperate to see the game!

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16. This guy's not allowed to have the dog in his bedroom, so decided to sleep downstairs with the dog

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17. A school that makes students wear a uniform, but doesn't have rules regarding coats!

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18. Spending an evening with your bae at a college that doesn't allow boyfriends into the residence halls

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19. This young genius beat the 'no food in the living room and no tablet in the kitchen' rule!

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20. All pets must be carried in a bag...

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21. When a town forbids bars from putting tables and chairs on the sidewalks...

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