21 people who did something to make the world a better place

Before expecting the world to change in a blink of an eye, remember that it all starts with the tiniest of gestures. Some people are fully aware of this and relentlessly do what they can to change or help our world to evolve.

They don't expect others to realise their dreams on their behalf. They see where an improvement can be made and just get on with it. And it's this tiny attention to detail that often makes a world of difference! Check out the people below, who decided to act before it's too late and make our lives just that little bit easier.

1. This man, along with his company, removed 225,718 tires from Osborne Reed off the Florida coast

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2. A homeless man in Prague does his best to protect his dog from the cold

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3. These cafe owners hung a bag of food on the door with a sign saying "If you're hungry, please eat"

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4. This guy kindly cleared the Bowl & Pitcher Bridge in Spokane

© AperhamLincoln / Reddit  

5. A kind soul who returned a lost purse without stealing any of the contents

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6. This lady came across an abandoned puppy during a19 km marathon.  She picked him up, finished the race and later adopted him!

© Polsin Sinsamoe / Facebook   © Polsin Sinsamoe / Facebook  

7. Every week this guy goes around picking up litter

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8. This lady hung out warm scarves for homeless people to take just before a big freeze in the USA

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9. Sometimes just a trickle of water is enough to save a life!

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10. A little, free library

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11. A great way to encourage people to care for the environment!

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12. When you go out to your car to find someone has found your gloves and left them on your windscreen

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13. When your favorite pizza place knows that you have a kid

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14. This lady used her lunchbreak to help this man shop for groceries and then took him home

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15. Every Valentine's day, this man treats the widows in a local retirement home to a meal in a restaurant - he also gives them a gift and a rose!

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16. A man built this cabin as a shelter for stray cats

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17. At only 12 years old, Samuel collected more than 5,000 blankets to hand out to homeless people

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18. This Uber driver stopped when he saw someone struggling to walk uphill in the snow and took them home for free!

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19. This alley cat was given a warm place to sleep for the night

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20. This 7 year-old girl had her hair cut so she could donate it to a wig-maker

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21. A couple gave this lady's son a toy to keep him entertained while his mom shopped in a grocery store. She later found out that this couple also takes toys with them when they travel, so they can give them to kids who are getting bored during a journey.

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