21 people who define the word 'eccentric'

Eccentric, kooky, crazy... However we define them, some people are off the scale when it comes to their weird or wonderful antics! Indeed, it's what sets them out from the crowd as they go around doing things in their own special way!

From extravagant to odd to totally insane, here's a selection of people who define the word 'eccentric'.  What about you?  Do you have any bizarre or puzzling habits that leave your friends and family scratching their heads?

1. When you take your hens for a swim

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2. Protective headgear

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3. We wonder how long she managed to keep this position

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4. Dreaming he's a giraffe?

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5. Baked bean smoothie... Yum or yuck?

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6. When there are no clean plates in the house...

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7. Facial pollution protector

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8. DIY eclipse camera

© armchairracer / reddit  

9. When you need crutches, but are late for work

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10. Extra security measures

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11. Improvised deck chair - clever!

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12. Chest-height trousers...

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13. Hell hath no fury like a woman on her period...

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14. Budget paddle boat

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15. When you're overcome by thirst

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16. Making the most of a flood

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17. A relaxing afternoon

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18. When a small sink holes becomes a plunge pool

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19. Who needs a superyacht?

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20. Who cares so long as it can be driven?

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21. Anti-flip-flop theft device

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