21 people who came up with brilliant ideas

Genius cannot be explained. It’s just something that happens. Any person on Earth can come up with an idea that changes him or her from just an ordinary person into the inventor or something that will be created, shared, and maybe even sold to people everywhere.

But not all inventions are equal in how they’re conceived. They don’t all have to be made in a factory; they may just be an idea someone came up with at a cafe. Here are some of those genius ideas…

1. This guy’s solution to hold up his computer…

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2. Can you use a cell phone flashlight to charge a solar power bank?

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3. This is how you avoid dents in your bumper!

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4. Bananas are good for more than just eating. They can also be used to support your phone!

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5. For those who like cookies with milk, here's a tip!

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6. Anyone can be a reporter!

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7. In the middle of the week during winter, it’s not easy being a truck driver... unless you create your own drive-in theater!

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8. “Honey, can you take out the trash tonight?”

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9. When your parents buy you a bike so you can get some exercise, they shouldn’t be disappointed.

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10. No empty seats on the bus? That’s no problem for him!

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11. Watch videos and build muscles at the same time.

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12. He knows everything about balance!

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13. “When your Crocs are good for anything but walking!”

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14. When you dream about having a dog, but you only have a fish...

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15. This is the only place where they’re safe!

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16. It's always annoying when your earbuds fall out!

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17. “My boyfriend forgot his razor at home.”

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18. When you want warm water instead of hot and cold!

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19. This van has an air conditioner in its rear window!

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20. “The dog’s happiness comes first! Well, I haven’t taught him to turn on the faucet yet.”

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21. When you’re not the mother but the baby needs to be fed.

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