21 original tattoos that push the boundaries of art

Good tattoos are works of art and getting inked is becoming increasingly popular. Once upon a time, tattoos were frowned upon, but nowadays it's a common form of self-expression and artistic talent.

Tattoo studios are cropping up all over the world with each artist drawing on different styles and techniques. They're all amazing, but some are more worthy than others - just see for yourself in this awesome selection!

1. How to show off your muscles

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2. Morphing into Spiderman!

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3. Keep your distance

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4. Keeping your tattoo needle on you at all times!

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5. Simple, effective zebra stripes

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6. Birth of a galaxy

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7. Inspired by the Old Masters

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8. We love this Cheshire Cat idea!

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9. Changing with the light

10. A wise, old elephant

11. One for globetrotters!

12. When 2 become 1

13. Discrete, delicate, beautifully drawn - a real winner!

14. A blooming success

15. Lunar love

16. A triangle full of mystery

17. Ever wondered why certain species became extinct?

18. Better than having a real one in his pocket

19. Standing up to the King of the Beasts

20. Man's best friend

21. Transfixed by blue eyes