21 of the most creative and effective adverts of all time

Product sales are dependent on effective marketing and advertising campaigns, but with so many similar items vying for top place, it's an incredibly competitive field. So what makes a good ad? Creativity, humor or originality? And why do some products fly off the shelves when their ad hits screens and billboards, whilst others go off-radar?

Here are 21 of the most creative ads of all time - and the products they promote witnessed a stellar success!

1. A shopping mall ceiling becomes an Alice in Wonderland movie poster

© adsoftheworld  

2. An advert for a great vintage wine

© thespiritofwine  

3. When Guinness seduces its customers

© guinness  

4. A brilliant anti-corruption ad


© Cheil Ukraine / facebook  

5. Audi's ad for its new rain sensors

© tribalistanbul  

6. McDonald’s tells the time

© flickr  

7. Instinct using humor to sell condoms

© geometry  

8. An antiperspirant that's as powerful as a Ninja

© chilliguard  

9. Ambi Pur's hilarious take on perfume ads to promote their toilet cleaner

© Jay Grey / adeevee  

10. When JBL promises you peace and quiet

© cheil  

11. Pedigree being their usual funny selves!


© replacethem  

12. Clever way to get the message home!


© Truth About Tobacco / twitter  

13. Game of Thrones proving the series' marketing team is as strong as its storylines

© Guerrilla Marketing? / twitter  

14. 'Now you see it'... 'Now you don't' - Fiat's anti-drink/drive campaign

© leoburnett  

15. Because 3M's anti-fur rollers are the best! 

© Grey Group Singapore / facebook  

16. An ad in Brussels where Audi put pedestrians in the spotlight - just like their cars' new lights!

17. Because even corn cobs can't resist a dash of Tabasco!

© jvm  

18. Listerine to the rescue!

© jwt  

19. The art of seduction...

© axe  

20. Schick razors remove even the most stubborn of hairs!

© schick  

21. Awesome ad! The famous 'Colgate Smile' lives on...

© imgur