21 incredible or unprecedented sights caught on camera

Most of us have stumbled upon a weird, incredible or totally unprecedented sight, but for one reason or another never managed to photograph them.  The great thing about smartphones is that nowadays we can immediately grab our cell phone and get a cool snap!

Here are 21 photos that surfers have managed to catch on camera and share with the rest of the world...

1. When a 'luxury' car loses its foil covering!

© unknown / imgur  

2. When firefighters arrive to save firefighters!

© Kaalstra / imgur  

3. When a man mimics nature

© MobileTechGuy / reddit  

4. This sandwich shop put this sign outside as a way to attract customers.  Guess who happened to stop by for a bite to eat?

© frmacleod / reddit  

5. This cute owl flew through the open window of a moving car

© tedistkrieg / reddit  

6. A rainbow over Rainbow Boulevard...

© WKBX / reddit  

7. When two groundhogs drop by to see their neighbors...

© alliegatorrr / reddit  

8. When cats take over a playground!

© WildMartenInTheGooseberries / imgur  

9. Have you ever seen a pile of vehicles?!

© noathings / imgur  

10. A stunning rainbow-colored pigeon

© chesterpoops / reddit  

11. When a gymnast goes to the toilet

© Homamash / reddit  

12. How on Earth did they manage to park this car here???

© tnethacker / reddit  

13. Wear jeans under your suit so your legs look more muscular?

© TheNakedAnt / reddit  

14. When your bus driver turns out to be Walter White from Breaking Bad...

© vintertime / imgur  

15. When it's rained all night and the next morning you go down to see if your Lamborghini's okay...

© GetUrMindBlown / imgur  

16. When a Jeep manages to slice off the base of an electricity pole

© jblaise13 / reddit  

17. A stick that was checked into hold baggage at an airport

© future_lard / reddit  

18. Clear evidence that a squirrel fell off the roof and scampered into the woods...

© beefyfritosburrito / reddit  

19. Ever seen a deer slip on ice (apart from in Bambi)?

© joebediah / reddit  

20. The spectacular sight of balancing rocks that seem to defy gravity

© peternjuhl / reddit  

21. A 94 year-old dollar bill that was found in a garden

© loveme19 / imgur 

So which one of these photos surprised you the most?  And have you got any unusual snaps that you'd like to share with us?