21 ideas that deserve to be adopted far and wide

Technology does not necessarily mean the latest generation smart home or connected device. We think of technology as something only designed to make our lives easier, but there are plenty of 'fun' examples out there!

Just take a look around you - you're bound to see cool inventions or ideas everywhere and we owe it to these designers, who have come up with concepts to brighten our days. Just check out the photos below!

1. This, believe it or not, has been painted on

© JosephBilliam / reddit  

2. A sidewalk with a part that's for wheeling luggage

© brophie97 / reddit  

3. It's not a gadget, but it's an awesome idea

© Tom__and__jerry / reddit  

4. Optical illusion or is this painted onto the van?

© mr_I_cant_meme / reddit  

5. Braille on a railing in Naples, so blind people can also appreciate the view

© Daveloon13 / reddit  

6. Is it really floating?

© Rohnster / reddit 

7. Recycle not waste!

© yellowpig10 / reddit  

8. Car showrooms such as Renault use these!

© thunder_struck85 / reddit  

9. These aren't real bricks for the sidewalk. They are cutting shapes into the concrete and painting them

© BoyScouterino / reddit  

10. Scan the code to watch before you buy

© Kavemanrust / reddit  

11. Will Tom find Jerry's new home?

© ZurgTS / reddit 

12. A smartly dressed bottle

© solartaco / reddit  

13. See how much soap is left!

© Angus-Mackenzie / reddit  

14. Don't worry, he's not real!

© VectorPie / reddit 

15. Flying CCTV?

© BoredKeyboard / reddit  

16. We love this platform game idea

© OneArmedLopen / reddit  

17. A bar code full of lemons

© Ctuberg / imgur  

18. Your spoon will never fall into your soup again

© ileaves2live / reddit  

19. The staircase at the Lello Library in Porto

© juk19882006 / reddit  

20. How to recycle old beer drums

© Nomaddux / reddit  

21. So you know it's a comfy ride!

© Chewztuh / reddit